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See page 8 for key to symbols. 


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Printer Supplies

How T

o Choose Printer Supplies

Find your printer 

brand & consumables 

part code (OEM Code)

Your consumables part code / cartridge 
number can be found on your empty 
cartridge, the outside of product 
packaging or if unable to locate it find 
your printer brand and model number 
(usually displayed on the top or front 
of the printer).

How to save time 

and money

Many printer brands now offer a variety 
of consumables for your printer. Have you 
thought about buying High Yield, XL, Twin 
or Rainbow Packs to help reduce the cost 
of printing? Check to see if your printer 
has this option to start saving today.

If your printer doesn’t offer these options 
have you thought about renewing or 
upgrading your machine? The savings you 
could make from the consumables will 
pay for the new printer.

Looking for an alternative to the original 
consumables? There is also available 
an extensive range of Q-Connect 
Remanufactured cartridges. 

How to find your 

consumables in 

the  catalogue

Option 1

 – You know your consumables 

part code (OEM code) & brand.
Turn to the brand of your consumable 
(printer brands are listed alphabetically for 
ease). Locate either Inkjet or Laser Supplies 
and find your consumables part code / 
cartridge number listed within the OEM / 
Type column.

Option 2

 – You know your printer brand 

and model number.
Turn to the brand of your printer. 
Conveniently located within each section 
will be a Compatibility Chart. Locate your 
printer model and find your consumables 
model number. Once found refer to 
Option 1.

KEY -  look for these throughout the machines and consumables section

  = Black

    = Photo Black

  = Cyan

  = Light Cyan

    = Photo Cyan

  = Magenta

  = Light Magenta

    = Photo Magenta

  = Yellow

  = Blue

  = Red

  = Green

  = Dark Grey

  = Medium Grey

  = Light Grey

  = Chrome

        = Photocolour

       = Tri-Colour

        = Black and  Tri-Colour

XHY = Extra High Yield

HY = High Yield

LY = Low Yield

 Quick guide to fi nding the right cartridge for you 

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