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Seating, Desking and Storage

 Desking and Storage 

Entry Level Offi ce Furniture

Our entry level ranges offer traditional and contemporary furniture that is suitable 
for any environment.
Jemini Intro has its own range of complimentery storage outside the offering for Jemini/Arista.
Jemini Intro desktops are 18mm thick.
Jemini desktops are 25mm thick.
Desks are available as 4 leg, cantilever legs or panel end.
Warranties are 2 and 3 years.
Cable management is available.

Ranges in this section are:

Mid Range Offi ce Furniture

Our mid market range offers a comprehensive assortment of hard wearing furniture: Available in traditional 
and contemporary designs, our mid range desking is suitable for use in all commercial environments with 
bench systems designed for clustered footprints or multi user environments.
Desktops are 25mm thick.
Desks are available in either double upright cantilever leg with optional vertical cable management, or our 
market leading bench desking system
Cable management is available.
Warranties are 3 and 5 years.

Ranges in this section are:

Executive Offi ce Furniture

Our executive ranges are ideal for separate management or executive offi ces. With a full variety of 
supporting products our executive ranges will complement any high status environment.
Desktops are 25mm thick. 
Desks are panel end for added style and durability.
Cable management is available.
Warranty is 5 years.

Ranges in this section are:

Home Offi ce Furniture

Our small offi ce/home offi ce range includes desking and seating options to suit every budget and 
complement any home environment.
Desktops are either 18mm or 25mm thick.
Warranties are 1 and 3 years.

Ranges in this section are:

How to Choose Desking and Storage

Other things to consider

Desk Thickness

Desk thickness ranges from 18mm to 28mm. The thicker the 
desktop the more sturdy and hardwearing the desk.

Self Assembly

All ranges with this icon come fl at packed. some self 
assembly will therefore be required. Tools may be required.


Radial and Wave desks are available in left 
and right hand. Use these diagrams to help 
you choose.



Cable Management

Most desks have cable ports in the desktop. True cable management 
allows cable to be concealed and routed under the desktop and through 
the leg frame. A full range of cable management accessories are available.

Leg Options

There are 4 types of leg option as follows:

4 Legged = Straight leg available on our entry level products and some 
general offi ce furniture.

Cantilever Leg = Allows the user greater freedom of leg movement whilst 
at the desk. Some cantilever legs have cable management integrated 
within the frame.

Panel End = Offering additional solidity to the furniture.

Bench = Goal post style leg offer a contemporary design solution with 
the option of integrating cable management as well as the space and cost 
benefi t of shared legs.


Radial LH

Radial RH

Wave LH

Wave RH

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