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Offi ce Machines


Binding Fast and Easy

For  high  quality  binding  results,  the  cutting-edge  features  of 

Fellowes  binding  machines  off er  perfect  binding  performance 

that’s faster and easier. Just align, punch and bind.

Lamination without the wait

By establishing patents and creating new technologies, Fellowes 

takes  the  innovative  lead  over  the  competition  and  delivers 

engineering  and  high-quality  performance  with  benchmark 

features that make laminating easier, faster and more productive.

Auto Shut Off 

Saves energy and prevents 

overheating when not in use.

AutoSense Technology

Detects pouch thickness 

and instantly self-adjusts to the 

optimal laminating setting.

InstaHeat Technology

Rapid laminator warm-up 
for increased productivity.

Enhanced Accuracy

 Edge Guide

 Ensures pinpoint document 

punch alignment.

Maximum Output Punch 

and Bind Capacities

 Increases productivity 

for faster binding.

Vertical Load Capability 

Perfect punch alignment 

in seconds.



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