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Offi ce Machines

Labelling Machines

A clear label design automatically gives focus and understanding to a person who is looking at it from a distance or reading it for information – 
this automatically triggers:

Recognition and visibility - a brand name or warning sign for example, you are likely to remember the design, or colour of it

Professionalism - printed designs are usually easier on the eye than handwritten labels which can be diffi cult to read, mistyped or untidy

What is Labelling?

Types of tapes

Which features do you need?

Polyester tapes 

(D1 standard)

Durable, laminated tapes 

(TZe tapes) 

Paper adhesive labels 

(DK rolls and LW labels)

Vinyl tapes 



Portable with keyboard

Template mode

Built in memory

•  Stand-alone usage only.

•  Print preview.

•  Adjust printer settings on display.

•  Stand-alone usage.

•  Manual typing.  

•  Typing using a display.

•  Create templates on PC and 
  transfer them on the device.

•  Standalone printing of labels    
  stored in the printer memory.

•  Store databases and 
  templates on the device.

•  Transfer content on the device for  
  printing at a later stage.

• Usage: indoor
• Resistant to: UV and water
• Temperature range: 
  -18° to +90°

Maximum label width 

•  12mm label width machines will  
  allow you to print a maximum of  
  2 lines of text per label

•  18 /19mm label width machines  
  will allow you to print a  


  maximum of 3 lines of text 
  per label

•  24mm label width machines  


  gives you enough space to add 
  an image, company logo, 
  barcode and lines of text per  


  each label

PC Connection

•  The printer will be used on 
  a desktop

•  Secure connection, one to one    
  connection between the printer  
  and PC

•  Free software to create and  


  customise your labels

•  Print from Microsoft Offi ce

•  Preview your labels 
  before printing 

•  Print many labels in one batch


•  Connect to a mobile  
  device and print on    
  the go

•  Connect to a WiFi router  
  for usage in an offi ce or 
  for a group of people

•  Print labels with free to  
  download apps that
  work on iOS and 
  a Android


•  Direct connection    
  between the printer and  
  another device

•  Strong and stable    


Asset tracking labels
Barcode labels
File labels
Binder labels
Home organisation labels

Asset tracking labels
Barcodes labels
Alarm system labels
General warning labels
Files and folders labels
Shelf labels 

Address labels
Mailing and shipping labels
Letter and parcel labels
File and folder labels
Indoor signage labels
Visitor badges

Wire and cable labels
Panel and blocks labels
Cable fl ag labels
Facilities and MRO labels
Barcode labels

•  For use with Brother 
  P Touch label printers
•  Feature a split back design  
  for hassle-free application
•  Usage – outdoor 
  and indoor
•  Resistant to: abrasion, UV,  
  water and chemicals 
  (submersion and abrasion) 
•  Temperature range: 
  -80° to +150°

DK labels
• For use with Brother QL    
  label printers
• Usage: permanently indoor,  
  temporarily outdoor 
• Uses a direct thermal 
  printing process
LW labels
• For use with Dymo Label
  Writer series printers
• Usage: indoor
• Uses a direct thermal process 

• Usage: indoor and outdoor
• Resistant to: UV, water, oil  
  and chemicals
• Temperature range: 
  -40° to +80°


•  For multiple PC  



•  Restrict access to    
  specifi c users 

•   Print larger  quantities of

  labels from several PCs 

•  Secure connection 

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