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As your business supplies provider 
we recognise the requirement 
to adopt practices that enable 
you to source products which are 
manufactured by methods that are 
less harmful to the world’s resources. 

Recycled Content 

This mobius loop logo indicates that an 
element of the material contained within 
the product is recycled. We display the 
percentage of recycled material within 
the logo where it is 60 percent or higher.

This catalogue is printed on 
51gsm Galerie Lite produced 
in Finland.  It is Elemental 
Chlorine Free (ECF).  We are 
working to ensure that all of 
the paper we use is ECF and is 

sourced from well managed forests. 

The pages in this catalogue can be recycled, for use 
in newspapers and packaging – please dispose of it 
at your local paper collection point. The paper is also 
biodegradable as compost or can be incinerated to 
produce energy. 

Fairtrade Mark

The Fairtrade Mark is an important step 
towards a fairer deal for producers in 
developing countries. The Fairtrade Mark 

guarantees producers a price that covers production, 
allows for investment in the community and creates a 
more sustainable way of life. For further details please 

Eco Friendly

The Eco Friendly logo is a non-accredited logo that 
is used within this catalogue to identify products 
which are less harmful to the world’s resources and 
comply with one or more of the following standards 
as detailed below:

Nordic Swan

Nordic Swan is a Scandinavian standard that demonstrates a 
product is a good environmental choice. To achieve Nordic Swan 
a product must undertake independent analysis and fulfi l multiple 
environmental attributes for the product life cycle. For further details 
please visit

Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a German certifi cation for products that guarantees 
a product or service meets high standards when it comes to its 
environmental, health and performance characteristics. For further 
details please visit

EU Eco-Label

The Eco-Label fl ower was designed to identify products which are less 
harmful to the environment than equivalent brands. The label is part 
of a broader strategy aimed at promoting sustainable consumption 
and production. For further details please visit

Rainforest Alliance

Certifi cation is awarded for ecological management. Goods and 
services must be produced without negatively impacting on the 
environment or local community. For further details please visit

Cut Sheet Offi ce Copier Paper

We strive to offer consumers a breadth of choice across all offi ce papers to ensure we meet an array of needs and environmental 
preferences. Whether there is a preference for recycled or virgin paper, all of our products can be considered environmentally 
friendly in varying ways and as such the ‘eco-friendly’ logo has been removed from all offi ce copier papers.However, we will 
continue to show the recycled logo against products that contain recycled materials to help quantify the percentage recycled.






To help you make informed decisions regarding the products you purchase, we have used 
symbols throughout this catalogue to enable you to recognise those products which are 
deemed to be less harmful to the environment or are produced in accordance with Fairtrade.

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