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Things to consider when 
choosing your printer

The designs and features of printers are wide in variation. So how do you pick the right one amongst the plethora 
of brands and models? First, fi nd out your printing needs. Do you lean more towards document-demanding prints 
or do you mostly print images? Will a monochrome printer suffi ce to carry out your requirements? Does it have to 
be a colour printer? Do you require a Multifunction device with Scan, Copy and Fax? Having answered these simple 
questions, it will be easier for you to sort out the kind of printer you need.

Here are other things to consider:

•  Page yield of cartridges

•  Monthly duty cycle

•  Cost per page

•  Print speed

•  Resolution

Getting the right printer for your Home/Offi ce requires a lot of thought. Yes, there are numbers of great printers on 
the market but not all of them can cater to your requirements, or perhaps they offer more than you need. Having the 
right printer will save you resources and allows you to achieve signifi cant savings in the long run.

Colour printers have always been 
regarded as the more expensive 
option, but  the technology has 
improved and reduced in cost which 
allows colour printer prices to sit 
within reach of mono printers.  
Most businesses predominantly 
print mono, and have the option 
to print in colour.

Print quickly, cheaply and wirelessly 
from all your devices. 

Speed of the printer. 

Apple devices use Airprint via a 
Wifi  connection.

HP use ePrint through 
Cloud technology.

HP use ePrint through 
Cloud technology.

Google Cloud Print – whether you’re 
in the same room or the other 
side of the world... documents are 
transferred to the printer over a web 
connection (then immediately 
deleted for security). 

MFP (Multi Function 
Printers) or AIO (All 
in One) printers are 
packed full of features – 
bringing together all the 
functionality of a number 
of machines into one easy 
to use device...  saving 
time, money and space!

What do I use the printer for? 

Finding the cheapest ink or toner can be a bit challenging. However, getting 
the right printer for your offi ce will give you the biggest savings.


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