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Introduction t

o Seating

Mid Level
An enhanced level of products for the 
serious offi ce user, offering additional style 
and functionality. Items include a variety 
of operator, task, executive, reception and 
multipurpose seating.

High Level
Our top level products give superb functionality 
with contemporary looks through the executive, 
heavy duty and posture ranges. Our 24 Hour 
Range is ideal for shared workspaces and our 
posture seating is suitable for avoiding back pain 
and correcting posture.

User Information:

Our unlimited fabric service is available on a wide range of seating, 
from operator to executive. Choose from easy wipe vinyls, hard 
wearing fabrics or the luxury look of leather, all manufactured and 
tested to stringent standards for light fastness, fl ame retardancy 
and abrasion. Look out for our unlimited fabrics logo throughout 
for details.

 When choosing a chair, you need to ensure that it is fi t for the intended purpose, enabling 
free movement and allowing the sitter to perform their tasks in comfort.  All our features are 
labelled with the appropriate specifi cation, right through from our Jemini range to our Avior 
and Cappela ranges, providing assurance that a suitable chair will be selected each time. 

 Introduction to Seating 

Special Fabrics

Enables both the seat and back tilts 
to be adjusted independently of 
each other, the seat and back will 
move up and down


A single lever locks and unlocks the 
tilt of the chair. The mechanism can 
also free float

Knee Tilt

A single lever will adjust the seat 
height and tilt of the chair which 
can be locked or free float

Lock Tilt

The seat and back can go up and 
down and the angle of 
the back can be fixed or left 
free floating


The back will go up and down 
using a ratchet mechanism

Ratchet Back

The seat will move forwards and 
backwards to accommodate for 
different user heights

Seat Slide

Chairs with these icons can be 
stacked to save storage space


Single lever adjusts the seat and back 
angles in a synchronised movement 
with a ratio of 2:1, back to seat. Can 
be locked in multiple positions


The seat will go up and down while 
the back is held in a fixed position

Fixed Back

Changes the contour of 
the backrest to fit the 
lumbar (small of the back)

Lumbar Support

Entry Level
Ranges of competitively priced operator, 
leather and side chairs which offer great 
choice and value. These chairs are multi-
use and can be used in both home and 
work environments.






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