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Posture Seating

Bad posture can cause 

neck, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic pain.

All our Posture Seating is designed for preventative and corrective solutions to posture issues. Our Posture Seating is targeted 
to tackle various types of back pain, from thoracic to lumbar. 

Preventing back pain with our Posture Range

Air-Flo Technology

As you change body position 
during the course of the working 
day, Air-Flo Technology is designed 
to enhance support and follow 
your natural body movements 
with the continual distribution 
of air between the dual air 


All our bases fi tted with castors and offer the 
support that the shell of the chair requires. 
A polished base (advisable for users of 18 
stone+) is available on all posture seating as 
an optional extra.


All mechanisms are independent 
so that the user can set the chair 
exactly to his or her desired comfort. 
The Capella Intro has a more light 
duty mechanism with the remainder 
of the posture chairs working on a 
heavy duty mechanism which offers 
additional body tension control. 


All seats within the posture range 
offer comfort, featuring a double 
curve seat for added support. Our 
Dynamic and Agility family offer 
a fl ex front seat to alleviate the 
pressure from the back of the 
knee and seat slide for additional 
movement and fl exibility. Any 
of our posture seating can be 
fi tted with a seat slide at the time 
of manufacture, as an optional 
extra. The seat slide allows the 
user to extend the seat depth if 
required for additional comfort 
and support.


Our posture range comes with fully 
adjustable arm rests, which provides 
additional personal fi t, providing additional 
upper extremity and back support.

Back Rest

Our back rests are fully ratchet height adjustable to 
suit all users and shaped to tackle up to 4 spinal curves 
- cervical, thoratic, lumbar and pelvic.

Lumbar Support

Most of our seating comes with integral 
lumbar support, added at manufacture. For 
preference a few are without lumbar, but 
this can be added to any posture chair as an 
optional extra.






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