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Things to consider when 
choosing your printer

Generally, if you’re printing up to 1,500 pages per month a laser printer will prove more cost effective, 
however business inkjets now offer a cost comparable solution and crisper print.  Anything less, 
choose from a wide range of inkjet printers...and if you’re printing photos a high quality inkjet or photo 
printers would be most suitable.

Monthly Usage

Up to 750

See Small Offi ce Printers 

Pages P385-398

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Pages P392-398

See Large Offi ce Printers 

Page P399

Over 1,500

Colour printers have always been 
regarded as the more expensive 
option, but  the technology has 
improved and reduced in cost 
which allows colour printer 
prices to sit within reach of 
mono printers.  Most businesses 
predominantly print mono, and 
have the option to print in colour.

Print quickly, cheaply and wirelessly 
from all your devices. 

Speed of the printer. 

Apple devices use Airprint via a 
Wifi  connection.

HP use ePrint through 
Cloud technology.

HP use ePrint through 
Cloud technology.

Google Cloud Print – whether 
you’re in the same room or the 
other side of the world... documents 
are transferred to the printer over a 
web connection (then immediately 
deleted for security). 

MFP (Multi Function 
Printers) or AIO (All 
in One) printers are 
packed full of features – 
bringing together all the 
functionality of a number 
of machines into one easy 
to use device...  saving 
time, money and space!

Up to 1,500




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